Minutes of Meeting, Oct. 26, 2015

The Shawnee Township Board of Trustees met at the Shawnee Township Administration Building, 2530 Fort Amanda Rd., Lima, Ohio.

Chairman Belton called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m. Roll call indicated those present as follows: Trustee David Belton, Trustee Russ Holly, Fire Chief Todd Truesdale, Superintendent Howard Gray, Police Chief Mike Keith, and Fiscal Officer Stephanie Hoffer. Trustee Chris Seddelmeyer, Attorney Clay Balyeat, and Zoning Inspector Mark Bishop were absent.

Mr. Holly made a motion to approve the Minutes of the Regular Meeting of October 13, 2015, Mr. Belton seconded, and the motion carried 2-0.


Mr. Holly motioned for approval of the Financial Reports for Sept. 2015, Mr. Belton seconded, and the motion carried 2-0.

• Payroll for 3 remaining employees in EMS Fund to be allocated to the Fire Dept.


Privilege of the Floor: Jeff Sprague, Allen Economic Development Group (AEDG), Enterprise Zone Tax Incentive

Mr. Sprague discussed the application for an Ohio Enterprise Zone Agreement between Shawnee Township and PCS Nitrogen, Inc., that will grant PCS Nitrogen, Inc. a 10 yr., 50% tax incentive for a rail storage yard for PCS Nitrogen to use. Township Board of Trustees plan to approve Resolution 117-15 at this meeting for authorization to enter into agreement with PCS, and plan to meet with the Tax Incentive Review Council tomorrow.


RESOLUTION 117-15      A RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING AND DIRECTING THE CHAIR OF THE TOWNSHIP OF SHAWNEE OHIO, TO ENTER INTO AN ENTERPRISE ZONE AGREEMENT WITH PCS NITROGEN, INC., AND DELCARING THIS ACT AN EMERGENCY WHEREAS, the Ohio Enterprise Zone Act (“The Act”), under Ohio Revised Code Section 5709.61 through 5709.66, has authorized counties, with the consent and agreement of affected municipalities and Townships therein, to designate areas as Enterprise Zones and to execute agreements with certain enterprises for the purpose of establishing, expanding, renovating, or occupying facilities and hiring new employees and preserving jobs within said zones in exchange for specified local tax incentives granted by the Township and County; and WHEREAS, the Board of Shawnee Township (“the Board”) upon due consideration implemented said ACT and designated an enterprise zone within the boundaries of Shawnee Township (“the Township”) to promote the economic welfare of said township in a Resolution NO. 22-92 adopted April 13, 1992; and WHEREAS, effective July 8, 1992, the Director of Development of the State of Ohio determined that the area designated in said Resolution contains the characteristics set forth in Section 5709.61 (A) of the Ohio Revised Code and certified said area (#233) as an Enterprise Zone under said Chapter 5709; and WHEREAS, the Township is desirous of providing PCS Nitrogen, Inc. (“the Company”) with incentives available for the development of the PROJECT in said Enterprise Zone under Chapter 5709 of the Ohio Revised Code; and WHEREAS, the Company has submitted an application (herein attached as Attachment A) to the Township pursuant to Section 5709.62 (B) of the Ohio Revised Code (hereinafter referred to as “Application”); and WHEREAS, the Enterprise Zone Manager has investigated the application of the Company, and has recommended approval of the same to the Board on the basis that the Company is qualified by financial responsibility and business experience to retain employment opportunities in said Enterprise Zone and thereby improve the economic climate of the Township; and WHEREAS, the Company and the Enterprise Zone Negotiating Team of the County have submitted a proposed Enterprise Zone Agreement, (herein attached as Attachment B), to the Township pursuant to Chapter 5709 of the Ohio Revised Code. NOW, THERFORE, BE IT ORDAINED by the Board of Shawnee Township, State of Ohio, a two-thirds majority of all members elected thereto concurring, that; SECTION I The Chair of the Board is hereby authorized to enter into the attached Enterprise Zone Agreement with PCS Nitrogen, Inc. with its local offices located at 1900 Fort Amanda Road, Lima, Ohio 45802, to grant the Company a real property tax exemption for construction of a new central control office and renovation of the existing assembly building and tech center as set forth in said Enterprise Zone Agreement. SECTION II This Enterprise Zone Agreement must receive approval by the Board of Commissioners of Allen County and be forwarded to the Ohio Departments of Taxation and Development and the County Auditor within fifteen (15) days of approval to be finalized. SECTION III It is hereby declared to be an emergency measure in the interest of public peace, health, and safety to enter into an enterprise zone agreement. This Resolution shall take effect immediately upon its passage and approval by the Chair. Passed this 26th day of October, 2015 Mr. Holly motioned to adopt Resolution 117-15, Mr. Belton seconded, and the motion carried 2-0. Roll Call: Mr. Belton, Yes Mr. Holly, Yes Mrs. Seddelmeyer, Absent


Fire: • New Director for Red Cross, Derek Stemen o Red Cross Disaster Response Groups o Red Cross Smoke Detector Programs • Shawnee Twp. Fire Dept. to provide Fire Safety Program at Elmwood School • Smoke Machine donated to Fire Dept. • PERSO Claim-Fire Dept. Garage damage

Police: • Halloween “Trunk-or Treat”, Tues., Oct. 27th, “Trick-or Treat”, Thursday, Oct. 29th. • Police Renewal Levy on ballot, Nov. 3rd General Election

  Road: The Monthly Activity Report for Sept. 2015 for the Road Dept., as submitted by Road Supt. Howard Gray, was reviewed by the Board. Mr. Belton motioned for approval of the report, Mr. Holly seconded, and the motion carried 2-0. • Leaf Clean-up in neighborhoods • Concrete saw needed for fixing drain (Twp. Garage. Cobrand will do work)

Zoning: • Demolitions • Health Dept. Meeting

Cemetery: The Monthly Activity Report for Sept. 2015 for the Cemetery, as submitted by Cemetery Advisory Board Pres. Joe Hicks, was reviewed by the Township Trustees. Mr. Holly motioned for approval of the report, Mr. Belton seconded, motioned carried 2-0. • Thanked Road Dept. for picking up brush piles. Thank Trent Barnhill for his work. • 2 trees need to be removed • 20 year old tractor in need of repairs and eventually replaced • Cemetery reimbursed $600 for vandalism • Cemetery Board contacting Bob Cupp for legislative advice about a new mausoleum • New fence


1. Health Dept. Annual Report 2. OTA Legislative Alert 3. Allen Water District Minutes BILLS Mr. Holly motioned approve paying the bills by resolution, Mr. Belton seconded, and the motion carried 2-0. Roll call: Mr. Belton (yes) Mr. Holly (yes) Mrs. Seddelmeyer (absent)


With no further business to be brought before the Board of Trustees, Trustee Holly motioned for adjournment, Trustee Belton seconded and the motion carried 2-0. Meeting adjourned 10:38 am. Board of Trustees Regular Meeting held October 26, 2015