Public Hearings


A public hearing will be held before the Shawnee Township Trustees on Monday, July  27, 2015 at 9:00AM in the Shawnee Township Trustees Conference Room, located at 2530 Ft. Amanda Road, Lima, Ohio  45804 for the purpose of hearing the following petition and recommendations filed by the Shawnee Township Zoning Commission:

1. Shawnee Township Zoning Resolution, Article 19 be amended to include the addition of R I H and R II H Zoning Districts, revision to the schedule of regulations to incorporate R I H and R II H districts, as well as minimum lot width detailed in Article 19 of the zoning text.  

2. Zoning Text Amendments to Article XVII, Section 1701 (Parking of Recreational Vehicles) – Section 1711.5 (Height of Residential Fences) – Section 1708.2 (Private Swimming Pools) and Section 1715 (Garage Sales).

3. Shawnee Township Zoning Map be amended to reflect current zoning use in 534 parcels identified in Shawnee Township (SH-01-15 to SH-07-15) from “Agricultural” zoned designation to being zoned as Residential or Residential R I H(Historical).  These being 43 parcels in Meadowlands 1&2; 1 parcel in Pond View Estates; 41 parcels in Amanda Lakes; 18 parcels in Fox Run, 36 parcels in Breezewood SD; 179 parcels in Fairwood Estates; and 36 parcels in Timberland 1&2.  These parcels are currently zoned as Agriculture, however their use is Residential.  Some parcels will also be designated as H-Historical, due to parcel size, and non conforming use.  The Shawnee Township Zoning Map is being updated.

Copy of the petition may be reviewed prior to the public hearing at the Shawnee Township Office located at 2530 Ft. Amanda Road, Lima, Ohio  Monday through Friday 9:00AM-3:00PM. 

Per Shawnee Township Trustees.