Zoning Department

Zoning Inspector - 

The Shawnee Township Zoning Inspector is designated by the Board of Township Trustees to administer and enforce the Shawnee Township Zoning Resolution.  The Inspector may be provided with the assistance as the Board of Township Trustees may authorize and direct.  Examples are Lima Building Department, Allen/Water Soil District, Drainage and Allen Co. Engineers, Lima/Allen County  Regional Planning Office, and Allen County Auditors/Recorders Office. 

Some duties include but not limited to:  Enforce the provisions of the Resolution; Respond to questions concerning zoning text and official zoning district map; issue permits and records of same; conduct inspections of buildings, uses of land, and in cases of violation to notify in writing the person(s) responsible, specifying the nature of violation and ordering corrective action; Determine the existence of any violations of the resolution, revocation notices, stop work orders, tickets or initiation of administrative or legal action with the City Prosecutors Office; Prepare reports and maintain files as needed.

Permit Process -

Residential, Commercial and Industrial Construction Projects Require an Application for Zoning Certificate (see below)to be completed and forward to Shawnee Township Zoning Department for Review.  This includes New Residential Home Construction, Room/Building Additions, In-Ground and Above Ground Swimming Pools, Fences, and Out Buildings. 

All Commercial and Industrial Construction Projects require an Application for Zoning Certificate, Complete Set of Construction Plans which include Foundation, Mounding, Lighting, and Landscaping Plans (if applicable to that project).  After plans are reviewed by Zoning Department, as well as applicable agencies, the Township Zoning Permit is issued.   All Commercial, Industrial, and Commercial Sign Projects must be forward next to the Lima/Allen County Building Department for review and permit approval.  Their office requires more detailed construction plans (See Lima City Building Department Web Site for additional requirements) and the copy of the Shawnee Township Zoning Certificate.  

Many Residential, Commercial, Industrial Signs require permit approval.  Several other types of signs do not require a permit.  See Shawnee Township Zoning Regulations for further details, as specifics on size, location, and other factors are addressed in this section.  

NOTE- Below is listed several applications, please print off and complete the information.  Applications listed are Application for Zoning Certificate, which is for all building projects.  Petition for Zoning Amendment is used for a requested change in the zoning designation of a parcel or specific language in zoning text.  A Pool and Fence On Line Application is listed for Above and In Ground Pool installation projects,as well as Fence On-Line Application.  Zoning language for these projects is attached in to the application.  Print off and complete the information.

Shawnee Township Zoning Forms / Information