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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Heritage Park – Reed Road

Parking will be at the following locations with shuttles running to and from the park:

Gastro-Intestinal Associates      Building – Shawnee and Zurmehly Roads

Children’s Smiles Dental Care – Blue Jacket Court

Lentol Violet Kienitz and Company – Blue Jacket Court

Community United Methodist Church (Shawnee United Methodist) – Shawnee and Zurmehly Roads. (You must cross the road to the Gastro-Intestinal Assoc. to catch a shuttle from the church)

**Limited Handicap (Stickered) parking will be directed to the Army Reserve Building on Reed Road.  Only vehicles with valid handicap identification will be authorized to park at the Army Reserve Building.

Due to the construction at Apollo Career Center, there will be no general parking available at Apollo.


Recycling Update

Changes to our Recycling Program

Shawnee Township has offered a Recycling program to our residents for the past several years.  As the service needs have evolved, we find it necessary to make changes to the program to eliminate some of the issues that we are experiencing.

A recycling program is only a benefit to the environment, so long as it is not becoming litter.  We believe that our residents truly have good intentions for our community and for the environment, and we would like to continue making our recycling program available.  However, several adjustments are necessary to the program to keep the litter better contained.  We will now only accept the following recyclables in our divided bin provided to the rear of the Shawnee Township Police Department: Plastics 1 & 2 (such as laundry bottles, milk bottles, water bottles, shampoo bottles, etc…) Also, Aluminum cans and metal cans such as soup, fruit and vegetable cans, and pop and beer cans are accepted.  Shawnee Township will not accept paper and cardboard or glass products.  Products such as papers, cardboards and glass may be taken to Waste Management at 1555 Buckeye Road or Allen County Recyclers at 541 S. Central Avenue. The cardboard dumpster has been removed from the premise. Please do not fill out regular trash dumpsters with recycling! We understand the frustration with bringing your recyclables to the Township only to find that the bins are full. This is why we are offering Waste Management or Allen County Recyclers as an option to you. 

We appreciate Allen County Recycler’s service to our community as they have been providing their service, emptying the bins, free of charge for the past several years. We also appreciate all of our residents who have worked within the guidelines set for us to successfully continue the Shawnee Township Recycling program.