November 18,2015

For Immediate Release:


November 18, 2015

Our dispatch center has received numerous complaints today from our residents regarding suspicious phone calls. Residents have reported being contacted by people identifying themselves as United States Treasury and Internal Revenue personnel. The callers are accusing the victims of unpaid taxes and threatening legal action if the victims do not respond immediately.

The Allen County Sheriff’s Office and the Lima Police Department have confirmed numerous reports of the same activity as well.

Residents should be aware that IRS and U.S. Treasury agents and officers do not conduct official business in the manner being reported. Residents are advised to disconnect all calls with anyone demanding immediate payment for taxes and do not provide any personal information to the caller. All reports/complaints regarding this activity should be reported to the F.B.I. at their fraud reporting website Reporting takes just a few minutes and the information will be used to coordinate investigative efforts within their agency.